Talent Acquisition Strategy

Ascend helps organisations define their Talent Acquisition Strategy – simplified as the tactics needed when filling open jobs or the higher strategy of attracting top calibre people to your organisation, regardless of job availability. While the current economic market is creating huge uncertainty for organisations there is still a high level of ‘predatory head hunting’ taking place. Innovative organisations are taking this recessionary period as an opportunity to restock their talent pool.

Getting proactive about talent acquisition is the most difficult, and most important first step in innovating talent acquisition, especially for organisations that are currently uncertain of the future. If you’re going to make a change, you’re going to need help in doing it. At Ascend we believe that you need to get support for your initiative if you don’t already have it by educating Management that proactive Talent Acquisition builds company brand and strength.

We work closely with clients understanding what they want from their talent acquisition strategy, and how best to execute that strategy. Aligned with this strategy Ascend provides a broad range of capabilities related to talent acquisition.

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