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Article 1 – What Makes a Good Leader?

Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman is recognised as one of the world's leading experts on emotional and social intelligence. In this article he elaborates on his thoughts about emotional intelligence versus IQ. Does he believe the former more important than the latter? He believes both are important but they're important in different ways. "IQ is not sufficient to predict, once you're in that position, that you will emerge as an outstanding performer, as a leader – indeed that you'll emerge as a leader at all. So, when it comes to leadership, you're dealing with a different skill set. You need to have self-mastery, you need to lead yourself as they say, and also you need to persuade, empathise, listen, communicate, elaborate, do all those things that require people skills. That's the emotional intelligence domain.

You cannot change your IQ, says Goleman, but the good news, he says, is that you can change your emotional intelligence. "You can develop it, particularly when it comes to specific competencies that distinguish outstanding leaders. There is plenty of research on this. Emotional intelligence has to do with capacity, not a fixed capacity, and it tends to grow.



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