Our Coaching Approach

At Ascend we see coaching as a model for learning and development that is action oriented and contextualised to the individual or team being coached. Coaching is driven by the needs of the client and client organisations strategic objectives, and is based on the power of the interdependent and authentic relationship between coach and client.

Our coaching services provide a safe place for managing and developing personal & team goals / growth for the client that deliver bottom-line value to the client organisation. Good leaders in your organisation can become great leaders and teams can become more effective. Coaching is one of Ascends core capabilities, in which we have a long and successful track record. As part of Ascend capability within Coaching we also provide a programme called ‘Leading through Coaching’ helping organisational leaders master and practice coaching in the workplace. Below are some examples of the various types of Coaching available.

  • Leadership Coaching - is one of Ascend’s core capabilities, in which we have a long and successful track record working with both the private and public sector by removing roadblocks to performance and enhancing creativity.
  • Executive Coaching - service helps organisations leaders and senior management to realise their potential through an individually tailored programme for accelerated development.
  • Performance Coaching - is a process that enables coaches to find and act on the solutions that are most congruent and appropriate for the organisation.
  • Team Coaching - works with organisations coaching teams and encouraging high performance. We do this by combining a focus on team facilitation and individual coaching of all team members. This is a very powerful method for rapid performance development at both the team and personal levels.

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