Continuous Improvement & Operational Excellence

Lean Six Sigma has become the fastest spreading and most successful approach to Continuous Improvement & Operational Excellence across all industries regardless of size, position in the supply chain or service provided. Having started out in the manufacturing industry, its success has grown and it now dominates much of the service sector's approach to process improvement as well.

At the heart of Six Sigma improvement and redesign activities are project teams. Lean Six Sigma training is focused on team members understanding and applying the Define Measure Analyse Improve and Control (DMAIC) model which is the foundation of most Six Sigma projects. The focus of Six Sigma is fundamentally about quality, customer focus and cost, where as Lean is about cost and speed. The Ascend programme blends a number of Lean concepts and tools into the Six Sigma DMAIC model. The team leaders and team members are the brains and muscle behind the Lean Six Sigma programme. It is critical that they are equipped with the appropriate skills and tools to enable them to deliver current and future improvements.

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