Organisational Development & Design

Organisations are complex and at Ascend we recognise this. We work with key stakeholders to design and structure their goals in a way that is unique and enables them to achieve their organisation’s strategic priorities. In order to succeed, companies must respond faster and better than their competition. Successful organisations provide clear direction, motivate employees, align processes, and develop rewards that reinforce positive and sustainable action.

We take a very pragmatic view of organisational development and design - each initiative should drive simple, clear, and measurable business results linked to key priorities.

Applying proven organisational development and design methodologies and successful techniques, Ascend has worked with leading organisations across multiple industries in areas including:

  • Strategies: external analysis, internal analysis, vision, mission, values, differentiation, target markets, level of investment, allocation of resources, and key strategic initiatives
  • Structures: organisational, group, project, and team culture/norms/values/symbols, lines of authority, communication, degree of centralisation, degree of focus, practices, and policies
  • Systems: planning, budgeting, accounting, information, change and transition management, coaching, eLearning, empowerment, learning management systems, knowledge management, problem solving and decision making
  • Processes: career development, compensation, internal communications, learning and development, process improvement, performance management, reward and recognition, staffing, job rotation, stretch assignments, coaching, mentoring, action learning, aligned metric systems, accountability, succession planning, and recruiting.

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