Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) can be defined as the “formulation and implementation of a culture that will dominate your market” (Ulrich)

At Ascend we believe that SHRM is the linking of human resources with the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation in order to improve business performance and develop organisational culture that foster innovation, creativity, flexibility and competitive advantage.

At the heart of Ascend’s SHRM capability, is our holistic approach to helping our clients build and align the capabilities, processes, attitudes, and talent needed to more effectively implement its chosen business strategy. Key issues include identifying the successful behaviour patterns and giving them permanence and stability at the same time removing dysfunctional behaviour patterns.

Ascend works in conjunction with our clients HR function to identify the new competencies and the organisational DNA influences to build a high performance and committed culture aligned to the business strategy to gain competitive advantage.

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