Training & Development

Ascend is a recognised training provider across multiple disciplines and industry sectors providing customised and highly relevant training options for organisations. We develop training options that deliver relevant industry focused outcomes to all key stakeholders whether business, employers or employees. Ascend has a team of qualified trainers who will meet and discuss the desired outcomes with the organisation before recommending training and development options.

These options may include training at your workplace or an agreed off site learning environment. Some programmes may have multiple delivery points depending on the circumstances and organisational needs. Ascend will advise on the most appropriate delivery option taking into account your organisational requirements and focus. We offer flexibility in training delivery and understand the complex nature within organisations and respond appropriately.

Ascend has the credentials and skilled staff, experience and efficiency coupled with the multiple industry partnerships that allows us to offer quality training and development options that reduce costs, add value and empower organisations to lead and control their training and development needs.

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