Conflict Resolution

The ability to resolve conflict in the workplace is crucial for the optimal performance of any organisation. When workplace conflict is not managed efficiently it can lead to disastrous repercussions. Habitual clashes and recurring conflict in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Employer-employee resentments create office politics and unpleasant workplace atmospheres. It is important to find simple ways to conflict resolution in order to promote a healthy employment environment.

When faced with conflict, employees are faced with a notion to either fight or flight. This is an innate reaction to any threatening situation where employees either decide to stay and defend themselves or leave the source of the conflict. Conflict in the workplace is destructive and isolating. No one likes to get involved in complicated work conflicts.

Ascend works with organisations to resolve conflict though a consultative approach. Each situation is different and varies depending on the level of conflict. If not tackled conflict can escalate out of control and become very damaging for the organisation.

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