Engagement Solutions

Employees have tremendous knowledge about their workplace and industry that is often left untapped. Ascend believe that if there were ways that employees' views can be heard, and if the benefits were clear, then the situation can be changed.

Employee engagement has been described as employees being intellectually and emotionally committed to the goals of their organisation and work group. When an employee is 'engaged' they are more likely to speak positively of their organisation to others, to apply their best efforts to their work, and to want to remain part of the organisation. Effective engagement is a proven way to foster better organisational results. Research has shown a clear link between certain behaviours and attitudes (which measure "engagement") and business results such as customer satisfaction, productivity, health and safety, and retention.

Innovative employers must ensure that they engage staff. Organisations cannot know fully about issues and concerns unless they have consulted with their employees, this is especially true when dealing with uncertain market conditions. Obtaining staff participation to analyse strategic goals and address any concerns raised is critical to ensuring that the most effective changes are made.

Ascend works with organisations creating a culture of engagement between the organisation and the workforce.

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