Motivation Solutions

Employees who are committed to achieving organisational objectives generally outperform those who are not committed. Those who are intrinsically rewarded by accomplishments in the workplace are satisfied with their jobs and are individuals with high self-esteem. Therefore, an important part of management is to help make work more satisfying and rewarding for employees and to keep employee motivation consistent with organisational objectives. With the diversity of contemporary workplaces, this is a complex task. Many factors, including the influences of different cultures, affect what people value and what is rewarding to them.

From an organisations perspective, it is important to understand what prompts people, what influences them, and why they persist in particular actions. Ascend works with organisations identifying key underlying principles that are important to understanding motivation.

Ongoing changes in the workplace require that organisations give continuous attention to those factors that influence employee behaviour and align them with organisational goals. No one theory is appropriate for all people and for all situations. Ascend works in partnership with clients to identify the best approach to motivate employees and optimise performance in the workplace.

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