People are an organisations greatest asset. Developing them is a vital investment and an important step in ensuring continued growth for your organisation. Ascend can help you identify the right talent among your employees and give them the development, coaching, perspectives, skills, and tools needed to take the next step forward in their careers and align it to your organisations strategy.

Our talent development capability comprises a broad array of solutions focused on creating organisational capacity through careful assessment of your most promising talent.


How do you build your attraction pipeline and increase talent bench strength? How do you attract and engage the best and brightest talent? How do you identify the right talent acquisition methodology that suits your organisation? In crucial decisions like these you need an expert to help you align your talent acquisition strategy regardless of how large or small your requirements are. 

Talent is a critical ingredient to achieving excellence for any organisation. The ability to strategically assess the talent you have, and the talent you need, is integral to meet and exceed the goals of your organisation.

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Simply stated, retention is an organisation’s ability to keep employees it has already hired.

Ascend works closely with organisations to retain, engage and motivate employees to give their best every day. We do this by bringing our wealth of experience to bear within organisations on communications & engagement, reconnection, total reward strategies, succession planning and employee recognition.


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